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Lorenzo Lamas heard those two words no contestant wants to hear. “You’re fired.” He walked the red carpet today at Trump Tower telling reporters he was proud of his time on the show. Asked about Geraldo he said, “He’s 70 years old and he’s still going,” adding that he doesn’t have any hard feelings. But why didn’t he bring anyone back to the boardroom? Where was the bus throwing we’re all so used to? He laughed asking
how he could bring back Kate saying, “If I took her back for taking too long  getting her hair done can you imagine what women would do to me?”  Lorenzo  also spoke about Joan Rivers calling her a family friend explaining that she had been friends with his mother, Arlene Dahl for years. He described her as “a warm and loving woman,” something that didn’t always go along with her public persona as a caustic comedian.

Donald Trump called Lorenzo ” a total class act,” saying, “we’ve never had that before. The way he wanted to take total blame was very classy.”

Lorenzo spoke about his charity, Boot Campaign expressing gratitude for their tireless work in raising awareness for the unique challenges our military and their families face. It is a charity that he has supported outside of the show and will continue to support.

It’s sad to see Lorenzo go. He was a truly nice guy and a class act. By the way, today was his birthday. Happy Birthday Lorenzo!


Tune in to The Celebrity Apprentice Monday nights on NBC.


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