Massapequa Board of Ed Meeting Rescheduled due to MHS Lockout

Police activity adjacent to Massapequa High School warranted the building to initiate lockout protocols at about 6:30pm on Thursday, 1/8/15.  During a lockout, no individuals may enter or leave the building.  The Board of Education meeting scheduled for Thursday evening was cancelled.  The lockout was lifted at about 9pm that evening.  The board meeting was later rescheduled for Thursday, January 15, 2015 at 8:00 pm.

Massapequa Board of Ed Meeting: January 15, 2015 at 8:00pm.


The lockout on Thursday was the second in three days.  The first lock out occurred on Monday at Berner Middle School and Unqua Elementary School.  This lockout was also due to police activity in the area and was put in place around 2:50pm and lasted until around 4:45pm.  Students at the middle school remained in their 9th period class during that time.

Parents have been asking the difference between Lockout and Lockdown, and what these mean for us.

LOCKOUT: During a Lockout, the perceived danger is outside of the school. School administrators move all students and activities inside and ensure the building’s perimeter is secured.  No one may enter or leave the building.   Generally, it allows for educational practices to continue with little classroom interruption or distraction.

LOCKDOWN: During a Lockdown situation, the perceived danger is inside the building.  Classroom doors are locked, lights are turned off and students are moved away from windows and doors. Students are encouraged to remain quiet.

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