A Massapequa Mom Just the Same

As a Massapequa Mom of four, life can be pretty hectic. My kids keep me on my toes day in and day out, and there is NEVER a dull moment in our house.

Like most moms (and dads!) with young kids, my main goal is the health and well-being of my children. I was born and raised in the Country Club/Pelham Bay section of the Bronx. My husband was born and raised in the Richmond Hill section of Queens. We both had amazing childhoods giving us amazing memories. I remember being my daughter’s age (she is now almost 13), playing outside with my friends, riding bikes, making up games, playing in each other’s basements or backyards, our imaginations soaring high. We wanted to be doctors. We wanted to be teachers. We wanted to be nurses. We wanted to be superstars. We wanted to be MOMS.

Fast-forward almost three decades, and I may not be that doctor or teacher, but I AM that Mom, and it is hands down THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB I COULD EVER HAVE. I, with my husband, am responsible for four individuals. Part of that responsibility is making sure that they have amazing childhood memories.

We loved renting an apartment in my grandmother’s Bronx home. It was beautiful with full access to the yard, garage, and even a driveway, but we wanted our own home. We also wanted our children to have the opportunity to play sports, learn how to play music, enjoy the “community” feel we both had as kids. Our search felt like years. We looked everywhere from up in Westchester to out in Suffolk. We wanted our kids to have the opportunity to enjoy all of the things we enjoyed as kids. We wanted our kids to be able to enjoy being children and letting their imaginations soar. We searched for the perfect town.

My mother-in-law had lived in Massapequa Park and every time we visited I found more to love. She brought us to Marjorie Post pool and I could not believe how many families were there! We went into town for the tree lighting and I got the chills with how alive the spirit of the holiday season was in this town! I have to admit that Massapequa Park has the cutest town on all of Long Island!

The more we visited the more we realized we found our perfect town and decided to now look for the perfect house. During our search, my in-laws told us they were considering downsizing and selling their house. On June 26, 2012, we made our dreams come true and bought my mother-in-law’s house. Between renovations and then later Superstorm Sandy, we did not move in until December, but we were finally in and my kids began life as Massapequa Chiefs in January of 2013. My daughter went to McKenna as a fifth grader, my twins to Presbyterian Community in the 4 year old program, and my little guy in Presbyterian’s 3 year old program.

Two years later, my children are thriving. My daughter is now in Berner and all three boys are in McKenna. They are excelling in school, they are learning at an amazing pace, they are enjoying their friends and sports and other activities. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about our teachers and all this district and this town has to offer.

This past summer, whenever we went to Marjorie Post pool (which was almost every day!), we felt like superstars. My kids have all made great friends, and walking around the pool to find seats was always met with “Hi Juliana!”, “Hey Louis!”, “Cool, Anthony is here!” or “JoeJoe, come play with us!” I also made some wonderful friends enjoying our time hanging out by the pool watching our kids swim!

Last month, we took the kids to the tree lighting as we’ve done every year since we bought our house. Just as in that very first year, I again got chills with how alive the spirit of the holiday season is in our town.

There is a great sense of community and town pride, one I share as a Massapequa mom and one my husband also shares as a Massapequa Dad. I may not have been born and raised here, like many others, but choosing Massapequa Park as the town we call home was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. We love being a Massapequa mom and dad raising our Massapequa Chiefs. There is no doubt that they are creating all of the fabulous childhood memories we had wanted them to have.

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  • i could not agree with you more! I had a much different feeling about Massapequa Park prior to moving. As a transplant from Suffolk (and CT, and Florida lol), I had absolutely NO interest in moving here. I secretly cried the night we went into contract on our house and could not stop thinking about how much further our money would have gone buying a home in Suffolk. Within less than a month of being here, though, it was like a light went off and I was instantly in love. I loved living in St. James and thought it was the greatest little town, but St. James holds nothing on our little MP. The tree lighting, the great restaurants, our incredible neighbors, the phenomenal teachers- I could go on all day. There truly is nowhere else I’d rather live than right here :)

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