From One Massapequa Mom to Another

There are days that I cannot believe that I’m a Massapequa Mom. How can that be when I still feel like a Massapequa kid? It hits me more when I run to the grocery store and run into old classmates in the dairy aisle or when I drop off my niece at nursery school and not only is it the same nursery school that I went to, but I’m walking in the door with my brother, a Massapequa Dad who also went there and is bringing my nephew. We run into a girl we grew up with, only that girl is now a Massapequa mom with grown kids and even grandkids but in that moment we’re all just kids from Hawthorn Street again.

I still go to Town. The difference is that I’m not walking to the deli with my friends, excited by the taste of freedom given by my parents. Instead, when I’m not grocery shopping, picking up pizza, or mailing a letter, I’m going to get my haircut at the salon owned by my dear friend, a former high school classmate. He happens to be that same friend I had my first job with.

To say that times are different is an understatement. For one thing, when I walked to Town, I always had a dime in my pocket (later a quarter) to call home in case of an emergency. At the payphone. Remember those? But Town is still there reminding us that Massapequa is all about community and connection.

My brothers were famous Massapequa soccer stars. Ok, maybe that’s a biased sister talking but I remember putting on my maroon and gold and having games at Walker Street or Bowling Green. It makes me appreciate The Massapequa Soccer Club and the way they have grown as an organization that promotes healthy values for kids and all of the coaches volunteering their time because they love soccer and they love their community. Of course that applies to The Massapequa Mustangs and Massapequa Little League and the many other sports programs offered here.

Let’s not forget that old Berner/Chief rivalry. I’ll admit that I still have trouble walking into my precious Berner and seeing a big Chief hanging in the lobby. It’s like a knife in the heart. Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration but my roots go deep here.

I remember going to summer school and having Alec Baldwin’s father as a teacher. I remember Alec’s brother riding a skateboard around school. The Baldwins may be our most famous alumni in the entertainment world but they are not the only ones. We’ve had many Massapequa alumni go on to great success in the arts. It’s a pretty long and impressive list.

The joke in Massapequa is that none of us leave, but there are many things that keep us here. We have great schools, beautiful parks, incredible arts programs, and phenomenal sports programs.

We have an amazing police department. I won’t mention that some of my friends in the 7th may have once run across the golf course with me once or twice when we were kids or possibly had a cozy relationship with Zappa’s, or maybe I will, because I’ve always loved that many of the police who protect and serve also have ties to this community adding an extra investment.

Let’s not forget our volunteer firefighters. To this day I feel tremendous gratitude for the dedication of a group of volunteers who showed up when my childhood home burned down. They worked through the night to extinguish flames after going into those flames to be sure nobody was inside. They are volunteers.

I’m proud to be a Massapequa mom, to be reliving so many memories through my kids. Ok, maybe I have one kid that’s making me relive the wrong memories, but there’s nothing quite like going with my kids to Krisch’s after a school concert, just like my parents did with my siblings and me, or going to Meet the Teacher and discovering that the same Mr. Russo teaching my son was the Mr. Russo who used to snag me and my sister when we cut out of first period. Which was often. We shared a laugh over that and have remained in touch through social media.

That’s the beauty of being a Massapequa mom. The connections run deep. Lifelong friendships were forged in our schools, on our fields, and in our local businesses. Those things are the heart of our community, part of what keeps us all connected.

Kristen Ferrari  McKenna Jr. High School Yearbook 1981

Kristen Ferrari
McKenna Jr. High School Yearbook 1981

Kristen Ferrari

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