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Family is not about who you love but how.  That’s how Tylenol celebrates families, and that’s why they created the #HowWeFamily program.  Each of our children are different, and although we love them all the same, we love them all for who they are.

We always try to do everything as a family, but at times, there are some things we cannot do all together based on each of our children’s needs.  For instance, my daughter is 13 years old.  My sons, her three brothers, are much younger (6, 7, and 7).  Sometimes we need to specifically focus our attention on her, because the boys often need more of our attention, so she does not always get her own.  Juliana loves individualized attention by both my wife and I, but then again, so do the boys!

The one thing we try to do as much as possible, regardless of their ages, is prepare for the holidays together.  Just recently, we all prepared Thanksgiving dinner together.  The next day and through the weekend, we all decorated the yard together.  It is these moments that mean the most to my wife and I, and I hope our kids will have amazing memories of these awesome moments when they are parents.

My wife took this video while I was getting the bird ready on Thanksgiving!

And our family decorating the front yard for Christmas:

Jjust like with us, nothing matters more to TYLENOL® than the well-being of your family.  See their video:

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