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Last month, my wife posted on her blog about how we were beginning our journey with XSport Massapequa fitness center and our new healthy eating lifestyle.  Yes, it seems every few months we return to that healthy eating lifestyle, and although we never really go off it, we do tend to slip up and need to recoup.  Today marks a month since we started at XSport in Massapequa (in Sunrise Mall) and we are still going strong!

As of this morning, I am down 11 pounds.  My wife is down 6 pounds.  We have been going to the gym religiously, even through my step-father’s hospitalization (he is still hospitalized but thankfully on the mend).  Some days we go early in the morning, other days we go in the afternoons (the kids like to go to the gym childcare so they can play and wrestle and make new friends), and for the first time last night, we went in the evening.

I have to say that the only time we’ve encountered the gym to be too busy for our liking is in the immediate after work hours, like 5pm and a little later.  I was pleasantly surprised that although there were a lot of members last night, it was not packed, and both of us had an easy time finding a machine.  Everything is immaculate, and we are ALWAYS seeing the cleaning crew at work, no matter what time we go.

The team is all so friendly and helpful.  The assistant manager, Pete, who set us up a month ago, is friendly, helpful and very accommodating.  His boss, manager Steve, is just as accommodating.  The trainers are great.  Both my wife and I see Tristan: I go twice a week, she goes once a week.  He is tailoring our workouts individually, keeping each of our needs in mind.  Jen loves the gentle pushes, and I am amazed with how much progress I am seeing in just one month.  He is always available by text to help motivate, inspire or assist, and this is huge for us.  Thanks guys!

We have met some of the other trainers as well, and even those we have not officially yet met, we are becoming friendly with.  We are starting to see familiar faces as we keep coming back, and periodically, we see some of our neighbors and those we know from the area.  Neither of us feel pressured, out of place or anything but comfortable.  We are very happy with our decision to join XSport.

Our next step is to try out an XIt class.  Armondo is the manager, and from what we’ve learned, XIt is a 1-hour Interval Training Class that constantly monitors your heart rate to ensure that you reach your maximum level, allowing your body to continue to burn calories and fat for up to 36 hours after class. Intervals include free weights, rowing, TRX workouts and so much more!  Here is the current Massapequa XIt schedule.

Lets keep going XSport!!!

If you visit the gym, be sure to say Paul and Jennifer from Massapequa Dad and Massapequa Family sent you!


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